Drum Score Editor
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Drum Score Editor Text Areas

Areas containing any text that can be placed anywhere the page of a score


The intended purpose of the text areas is to present the title, author, dates or any required text. There's no restriction on what can be typed in the text areas. Text areas have a transparent background and will always sit in front of any music, which also allows them to be used for any annotations required on the score.

Simple Formatting is supported, with a choice of a few basic fonts and font sizes, plus the usual styles, bold, italic and underline. Also the text can be aligned to the left, centre or right of the containing area. To alter these properties click inside the text box and used the Format -> Text menu option.

Text Substitutions

The text in text areas can either be typed in directly or can reference various score properties. When editing the content of a text area, if the contents start with a % sign, Drum Score Editor will use the remainder of the contents to look up the score properties for the associated value. Currently the following substitutions are supported:

Variable Value
%title The title of the drum score
%author The author of the drum score
%band The name of the band the score was written for
%filename The full name of the file containing the score on the local PC / laptop
%tunetype The type of tune, the intended use of this field is to document if it's a March, Reel etc
%version The version of the score as documented by the author

The content of all these variables is taken from the score properties, accessed from the File -> Properties menu option. When the score generator is used to create a new score these are populated with answers provided by the user at generation time.