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Drum Score Editor Examples

A number of authors have kindly given permission to highlight their scores here.

Irish Washer Woman (Hornpipe)

Hornpipe arrangement of the classic Irish Washer Woman, this time by yours truly ... mostly!


Bobby Rae's 3/4 Set

Many thanks to Jim Butler for giving us this setting from th elegendary Bobby Rae.


The Mason's Apron

Gordon Brown's famous hornpipe setting, as played by Boghall & Bathgate and Gordon himself in solos.


Balmoral Highlanders

One of the big 2/4 marches played by many top bands. This arrangement is by Alistair Hepburn.


The Winnipeg Forger

Davie Coll's catchy score for this one time favourite of the big bands.


4/4 Beatings

Some standard 4/4 settings, quite dated now!