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Drum Score Editor Image Areas

Areas containing an image that can be placed anywhere the page of a score


The intended purpose of the image areas is to allow the author to add graphics to a score, e.g. a band logo.

No formatting of the image other than resizing it is supported. It is recommended that the image is prepared using a professional image editing toolset, and the image file then added here. Drum Score Editor supports import of the following file types: jpeg, png, bmp, wbmp and gif. Gif animation is not supported.

Please note that adding images to your score will make your saved score file significantly bigger, and your computer will work much harder to draw, print, export the scores, especially if including in mp4 movies.

Creating Image Areas

From the Insert Menu, licensed users will see the Insert Image Area menu item.

On selecting Insert Image Area, the score will become shaded and the mouse cursor will become a cross-hair. Click with the mouse on the score where you want the top left hand corner of the inserted image to be. The image can be moved and resized so precision isn't that important at this stage.

Once you've chosen the location for the image, a dialog box will open asking you to choose your image file. Click on the Open button and the selected file will be imported to Drum Score Editor, and will appear at the chosen location.

Moving Image Areas

Ensure Edit -> Page has been selected, it should have been in order to insert the image area, and click and hold the mouse button down, inside the image. Next, drag the mouse in the direction required.

Resizing Image Areas

Ensure Edit -> Page has been selected, it should have been in order to insert the image area, and click inside the image. A light blue border will appear with boxes in the corners and sides. Click and hold the mouse button down over a box and drag the mouse in the direction required.

Important to note is Drum Score Editor will force the aspect ratio of the image to stay the same. This prevents altering the intended image in unintended ways!

Technical Note

You may notice the image be repainted after a short delay, when moving or resizing the image area.

This is because Drum Score Editor maintains a copy of the original imported image, so that when you want to resize it, it can resample the original image ensuring the best quality. Without this feature, if you shrink an image, then make it bigger again, it will be fuzzy.